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The future of interpreting is towards quality language access, professionalism, and regulation of the industry.  If you are trained as a professional interpreter and would like to join a growing group of highly recognized and sought-after professionals, APLI recommends that you to seek appropriate accreditations and/ or certifications in the fields that you want to work in.

 Below are some avenues (not exhaustive) by which interpreters can seek accreditation/certification. In particular, we highly encourage all APLI members to become OCCI-ACIs (Accredited Community Interpreters).

OCCI Ontario Council on Community Interpreting

Ontario Council on Community Interpreters (OCCI) is an accreditation body for community interpreters in Ontario. It consists of major stakeholders in the interpretation industry, including individuals and organizations representing interpreters, consumers, service providers, trainers and testers, all collaborating towards the common goal of professionalizing the industry.

OCCI offers different categories of accreditation for trained professional interpreters:

1. Accredited Community Interpreter (ACI)
2. ACI with Specialization:

    • Medical Specialization
    • Legal Specialization
    • Accredited Trainer

Renewal of OCCI-ACI status is contingent on completion of annual continued education requirements. For detailed information or to apply for OCCI-ACI accreditation, please refer to the OCCI website www.occi.ca.


ATIO Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario

ATIO offers certification in:

  • Translation
  • Conference Interpreting
  • Community Interpreting
  • Medical Interpreting

ATIO offers its own examinations for all of the above certifications, and should you be interested, you need to refer to their website at: www@atio.ca and follow the provided requirements thereof.

The examination usually consists of two parts, the first is an English competency test and once that part is passed you will be eligible to sit the second part which is language based.


MAG Ministry of Attorney General

The Ministry of Attorney General provides interpreters to the courts across the province.

If you are interested to become accredited by the Ministry, you need to refer to their website at: https://www.ontario.ca/page/become-court-interpreter and apply to be in line for them to call upon you to sit their own examinations.

Their wait list is usually very long, and you can be waiting months if not years.

The examination usually consists of three sections including consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation and sight translation. Our recommendation is that you should be well prepared before attempting to sit this examination.

There is normally a period of two days of orientation, once the examination is successfully completed.


 IRB Immigration and Refugee Board

Immigration and Refugee Board provides interpretation to those persons who seek refugee status in Canada, and / or are appealing their case.

The Board administers its own examination, and the information can be found on their website at: https://irb.gc.ca/en/forms/Pages/IrbCisr693.aspx

They have a long waiting list, and you need to be patient and persistent.

The examination usually consists of two parts, including sight translation and consecutive interpretation.

There is a period of orientation and observation to follow successful completion of the examination.


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APLI (Association of Professional Language Interpreters) is an organization for all qualified and trained interpreters in Canada. It is dedicated to improving the profession for community interpreters, servicing users and service providers, creating a shared environment, and supporting and minimizing work-related issues.





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